Letter from Abbeydale Grange School to the parents of a miscreant -



My mother came across this letter just recently and it does really sum up the hypocrisy that prevailed at the time. The sender was a compulsive smoker himself and so it was a bit rich to receive a letter of this nature. Coupled to this was the fact that I had not broke any law - it was legal for a 17 year adolescent to carry a lighter at the time (these were pre-sniffing days) but in the surreal world that was Abbeydale Grange this was not the case. Once again it shows that what the school said about "the benefit of more adult surroundings" did not extend very far at all - in fact it did not extend at all. As a final thought just recall the Paul Hardcastle song "19" and think of it in conjunction with the above letter.

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