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Name: Dan Hobbs
City: Maryland, USA
Sent: 27/02 2001 13:39

Found your page on a web search and thought it interesting that across the pond we share a surname. Greetings from the U.S. Oh, it took a while to realize that you were British, doesn't mention that even on the maps. I got a laugh out of that when I realized it, though. Keep up the good work and the good name. Dan

Name: Peter william Hobbs
City: Gosport U.K
Sent: 11/05 2001 19:17

Well done you made it

Name: Douglas Raymond Hobbs
City: Nottingham
Sent: 24/06 2001 05:12

It's a great site Chris, and has been of enormous help to me in my own research in the Hobbs family. Thank you for all your help and hopefuuly together we shall learn more of our roots. Good Luck.

Name: Steve Bower
City: Milton Keynes, Bucks.
Sent: 17/07 2001 14:32

Have just read your second episode and it is spot on as regards telling as it was! Do keep it up. Looking forward to the next instalment.

City: grenoside sheffield
Sent: 28/07 2001 14:42

hello chris, came across your page by accident. i was looking for an old friend of mine. She was called Elaine Sanby and lived at the top of Southy Green Road, near the roundabout.We used to go to Meynell Road Youth Club back in the early 60s and quite liked each other but somehow we drifted apart. I would dearly like to find her again and have a chat about old times. She did get married and will probably be under a different name now. As part of your family is connected to the sanby name (that is how I came across your site), I wondered if you had any idea of the whereabouts of Elaine, or if you were related. Any information would gladly be appreciated. Hoping to hear from you. William Atkin.

Name: Phil
City: Sheffield
Sent: 13/08 2001 18:04

I've just read your thoughts on life at Abbeydale. I was there from 67-71, the year behind you, and your comments on the class bias are spot on. I still remember, during my first week being asked where I lived (Heeley) and getting the reply "do they all speak like that in Heeley?" Can't say I was particularly unhappy, but definitely felt second class. I could go on - suffice though to say it's reassuring, even this many years on, to realise that it wasn't just my imagination, or selective memory - thanks.

Name: Richard J Meredith
City: Ex Wales now Florida
Sent: 27/08 2001 19:50

Dear sir, Just a quick note to let you know that all of the Thomas and Lewis genealogical info came from myself as the researcher and historian who put it together for your relation Ray Hobbs and also for some other distant relatives of yours. I'd appreciate a mention if possible and also I'd like to correct the spelling of some of the place names from my home such as Llanwrthl - it has a "w" before the last L - there are a few other corrections but on the whole well done!

Name: Sharon Morris
Sent: 21/09 2001 18:06

Hi Chris, I've just been looking at your page for Samuel and Ann Thomas. I think the Charlot Mills mentioned may be related to my Mills families. Do you have any idea what happened to her? Thanks

Name: Ian Laurenson
City: Orpington, Kent
Sent: 22/09 2001 06:17

Hello Chris, I saw your site and wondered if you are the same chap who used to ride on the back of my motor mike to Mur's house every Friday night for a long game of cards. Perhaps, better memories than of the school!

Name: Ross Mumme
City: Australia
Sent: 30/11 2001 18:42

Hello from Australia, My great grandmother was Mary Ann Hobbs daughter of George and Mary Mary Ann was born 1850 and was christened April 1850 at St John, Nottinghill, Middlesex, England When she married she was living in Oxford Terrace, Paddington. Her siblings were George, Walter, Albert, William, Edward and Elizabeth. In 1851 the family were living at 20 Uxbridge Street, Middlesex. Her father George was born 1821 in Middlesex and her mother 1822 in Harrow. George's father was also George who was born 1792 in Buckinghamshire, Wickhem. Other children were Joseph, Eliz, and Samuel. As Mary Ann lived in Paddington when married, I wondered if perhaps she may have been related to Thomas, as I noticed this family also lived in Paddington

Name: Ross Mumme
City: Australia
Sent: 30/11 2001 19:25

Hi again, I also forget to mention on my email above, that family lore is that Mary Ann Hobbs, my great grandmother, worked at Buckingham Palace as a corset maker for the Queen, and her husband William Frederick Burley ( married 11 July 1872, St Marys, Lambeth, Surrey, England) also worked at the Palace as a coachbuilder. You mentioned Thomas's place of residence was Buckingham Palace when he married in 1854, maybe he was a brother or cousin of Mary Ann's father George. Ross Mumme

Name: Jane Eddies
Sent: 03/02 2002 12:06

Hi Chris, i thought I might write to you as some of the information on the Myers Family is not correct. Betsy Myers is one of George's sisters, not the sister of Thomas and Edward as stated, and Mary Ann "Myers" did not marry Thomas Hirst.( George is my second cousin four times removed.) Also can I please ask who is on the photograph ( two women and a child ) directly below the photo of Alonzo Hemsworth. Regards Jane

Name: Douglas Raymond Hobbs
Sent: 14/04 2002 03:15

Chris, Congratulations on your discoveries re the Family of Aunty Rose. I am particularly struck by how beautiful she was as a young woman. She was a much loved person by family members who had the pleasure of knowing her.

Name: Heather Barford
Sent: 22/07 2002 23:28

Hi there Chris my mothers family are Hobbs they descend from an unbroken chain of ministers from the Isle of Thanet in Kent. If you are interested in reading about the early family history. Get a copy of Samuel Pepys Diary from the library, as Thomas Hobbes (name change after the restoration) was his tutor as well as the Royal Stuarts and the Cavendish family he also proof read Shakespeare's plays for him you will find lots of references to his old tutor within the book and the Hobbs family history. Well done it is an interesting site. Heather

Name: Anne McSheffrey
City: Canada
Sent: 09/08 2002 23:35

Hi Chris: Just came across your site while searching the Myers Surname. Just looked at the information you have listed and it connects in to my Myers family that comes from the Barnsley Yorkshire area. I am have been in touch with Paula Myers. We connect back in the family tree. My mother is a Myers. Anne

Name: Chris Hobbs - Administration
Sent: 26/08 2002 11:38

Andrew Davey - you did not give a contact address/mail but you have mistaken me for someone else. A glance at the C.V. should explain that I was at the National Coal Board in 1982 and not in Further Education. Sorry to disappoint

Name: Tanya Brett (nee: Hobbs
City: Bunyan's Cove, Newfoundland
Sent: 23/12 2002 02:14

Hi Chris, I am from Bunyan's Cove, Newfoundland originally. My family name is Hobbs. I have been searching for the background of Hobbs for quite a while. I have gone on a few sites but I am not getting much luck. I know that Hobbs originated from England but I would like to know more, I was wondering if it was possible that you may be able to help me learn more of my family background or at least give me a site as to where I can find info. There are many Hobbs' in Bunyan's Cove each with their families but I am sure that somehow we are all related. I really hope you can help me. I am looking forward to hearing from you and I thank you in advance. Sincerely, Tanya Brett (nee: Hobbs)

Name: Gordon Rudston
City: Bristol
Sent: 27/12 2002 11:44

Finally! Someone who manages to put The Guardian's pathetic piece on Abbeydale Grange in context. I was there 1969 - 1975. I remember it as a stiffling and violent place. School, best years of your life? Ha!

Name: linda hendley
City: nottingham
Sent: 10/01 2003 08:43

hi chris my gr gr grandfather lived in nether hallam at 65 walkley bank road .in the 1900 i don't know much about him as i am still trying

Name: margaret
City: essex
Sent: 16/02 2003 07:00

I am researching the otters from sheffield I wonder if we can link up update of Facts for the OTTER Family febuary 2003 1799 Roger OTTER and Sarah UNKNOWN Francis* 1799. Elizabeth 1798. Sheffield 1837 Francis glass cutter died Aug. 1837 age 38 of consumption in the presence of Sarah Otter GLAZIER glass cutter or window glassman. 1841 CENSUS SHEFFIELD CHARLES s age 4. with mother. SARAH OTTER Widow of FRANCIS OTTER age 39 9 Court Alms Street .Sheffield. housekeeper to Mr James Ellott 56 SON Samuel OTTER in the union workhouse age 9 1851 CENSUS SHEFFIELD Sarah OTTER widow age 45. now has Samuel age 18 at home a woodCutter. but no CHARLES? 6 Court .Alms street housekeeper to Mr James Elliett 66 1868 THE Marriage CHARLES* OTTER 28 TO Agness Homer ne Bates 26 (Widow) The Parish Church Pitsmore Yorkshire 29 Feb. 1868 says father FRANCIS Otter Class glazier on marriage certi Sarah has two children Sarah Ann and Thomas Homer 1868 Sheffield - Sarah OTTER dies age 69. Aug. 1868. 3 Court Hereford Street IN ECCLESSALL BIERLOW YORKSHIRE death due to of Bronchitis in the presence of, AGNESS OTTER 1871 CENSUS Sheffield CHARLES OTTER 32. Agness is 28 Thomas Homer son 10. Sarah Ann Homer 6. Lillian OTTER age 1 1881 CENSUS Worksop 120 Newgate Street CHARLES age 44 Agness38 Sarah Ann Homer 18. lillian Otter 12. Charles. H. 9. William 6. Samuel* 4. Robert 1.



Name: Linda Phythian
Sent: 05/03 2003 04:57

Dear Chris I came across your amazing website whilst researching my own family tree. My maternal grandmother's maiden name was May Irene Hobbs, and I am wondering if our families are related, it was the link to South Wales which interested me most. Perhaps if I give you brief details of my 'Hobbs' family history, you could let me know if you think there maybe a link. My great great grandparents: Thomas Hobbs b. 1821 Somerset, England = Mary Hamblyn b. 1830 Somerset, England Their children: Thomas Hobbs b. 1861 and Mark Hobbs b. 1861 (twins)Trevethin, Monmouthshire Emily Hobbs b. 1866 Trevethin, Monmouthshire Joseph Hobbs b. 1876 Trevethin, Monmouthshire My great grandfather John Hobbs b. 1873 Trevethin, Monmouthshire = Eliza Horseman b. 1873 (married 1893) John & Eliza Hobbs' children: Arthur Hobbs Archibald Hobbs Alexander Hobbs Percy Hobbs Leslie Hobbs b. 1914 (still living in Guildford, Surrey) Lillian Hobbs My Grandmother May Irene Hobbs b.1899 m.1920 d.1983 = Alfred George Allen b.1898 Bath, Somerset d.1983 My great granfather John Hobbs and his father Thomas Hobbs were both colliers in South Wales, my great grandfather and his wife moved to Cheadle in Staffordshire in the late 1920's with my grandmother and grandfather (he was also a collier)to work in the mines there. If you would like anymore information please let me know, it would be great to hear from you. Kind regards Linda Phythian

Name: Doreen Adkins
Sent: 05/03 2003 05:01

Hello Chris... I found you via the search engine pointing me in the direction of your excellent family page. I just wondered if you have any further information in your files about the Barker family. My own father was George Barker. He was born in Darnall in 1905. The 1901 census had the Barker family living at Cresswell Rd. Darnall. However in 1881 his father John James Barker was 18, unmarried & living at 40, Lucas St. Sheffield. His father was James Barker aged 42 an Edge Tool Grinder married to Martha. James (elder) was therefore in the same age scale as your George (elder) in 1881, as was John James & George (Eveline's father) in 1901. I would like to find out if the older two were related or better still brothers, as that could possibly provide me with my great great grandparents names. So far I've had no luck with the Family Search web site for this branch of the Sheffield Barkers. My Dad never even knew his grandparents names until I found the info in the 1881 Census & was able to give him all the details before he died two years ago. He always said the family came from the Walkley/Crookes areas & are buried there. I hope I haven't taken up too much of your time, I found your family page very interesting & informative. I particularly liked your quotations. Best wishes.......Doreen Adkins (nee Barker).

Name: Nick Jeans
City: Sheffield
Sent: 01/04 2003 07:28

Dear Chris GREAT website, full of interesting info and photos. I've passed the details on to my missus at work, whence she will no doubt broadcast it far and wide (she doesn't seem to have much else to do at the Civil Service!) Congratulations... but who is that dodgy-looking guy on the homepage?? Nick

Name: Beryl Newman.
City: Western Australia
Sent: 01/04 2003 07:31

I live in Australia and have been trying to do some research into my Grandmother's family.As I am on the other side of the world it is proving very difficult to even get started. Because my family all moved a lot most of the documents have vanished.The only document I have is a hand painted marriage certificate belonging to my Grandparents. My Grandmothers name was Frances Ethel Hemsworth.She was married in Port Hope,Ontario,Canada,on 12/8/1905. She married Percy William Richards. We believe that they could have met on the ship on the way to Canada. The only other information I have is that she came from the Bradford area, had at least 3 sisters,called;Martha, Annie and Clara.She only stayed a few years in Canada,they returned to England when my mother was about 5years old,she was born in 1906. They settled in the Wimbledon area.My grandmother eventually left my Grandfather and went to live with my Mother in Scarborough.My Mother was at that time married to Stewart Hardwick.Mothers d.o.b.12/12/1906 Fathers d.o.b.11/12/1909.D.o.m. 19/4/1936.My Grandmother died in Scarborough in approx 1956/57. The only other information I have is that Martha had a daughter called Una and Clara married William Lavender and they had twins called Jean and Raymond. I hope that some of this may match up with your family research and maybe you have information that may help me out. Thanking you for your time

Phyllis Pearson
City: New Zealand, formerly of Newport Mon, UK.
Sent: 24/04 2003 05:04

Hi, I came on thinking I might find some Jessops, but haven't thus far. I'm hunting for a Christopher Jessop b ca 1802 at Dewsbury m Nancy Lee. What fun, we get to meet some nice people, all interested in the same thing, Gen ealogy. Noswaith da Phyllis

Steve Morgan
City: Walkley , Sheffield.
Sent: 12/05 2003 22:18

Hi Chris ,just to let you know that my next quiz is on 26th May. Hopefully the Blades will have won the Division One playoff Final. Steve....

Name: Hugh Waterhouse
City: Walkley, Sheffield
Sent: 13/05 2003 16:38

A great site ! I don't know if you've discovered yet that your Edwin and Mary SANBY are listed as 'SAMBERY' in the 1881 census ! Also you might be interested to know that the new vicar and congregation of St Mary's are intending to do some work on the cemetery which will include indexing the burials and dealing with the worst of the overgrown vegetation. Hugh hello Chris, I found the following entry in the NBI for St Mary's, Walkley: SAUBY Agnes [buried] 19 Oct 1884 [died at] 181 Hoole St [age] 54 Since I can't find an Agnes SAUBY in the census, I'm thinking this might be Agnes SANBY, wife of Henry ?! Hugh

Name: Liz
City: NY
Sent: 07/07 2003 06:54

This site is awesome, good job and great work! Check out mine too, but it's not as cool as yours:)

stephen hobbs
City: kells,ireland
Sent: 10/07 2003 13:22

hello,chris...thank you for the information on my family have done your research!i knew hobbs was an old name for earth spirit but not the rest of!i was born in taunton,somerset,in 1950,lived in plymouth and falmouth...there were relatives all up and down the devon and cornwall borderwhen i was a kid.can you tell me where you got your information about our family name?i have an interest in celtic history and would welcome anything you could share with me... thanks...adge...

City: Derby
Sent: 10/07 2003 14:45

Hello Chris! I just discovered your amazing website this evening whilst looking for something else that suddenly didn't matter any more once I arrived here!! I was amazed to find a mention of the tragic massacre of the Laitner family in Sheffield in 1983. I did not know the family personally, but I was staying close by there at the time with my cousin and family over the weekend that this happened, and needless to say it is something that always stayed with me. It was a bit of a jolt to read your account of it but it also set me thinking. I have often wondered about the young couple who married that day and hoped that they managed to have a happy marriage in spite of their wedding day being ruined beyond comprehension. Whilst wishing to respect their privacy absolutely & totally I really hope there was the closest thing possible to a happy ending for them, and for Nicola Laitner too of course. Thanks again for this superbly informative website.

Margaret Yeardley
City: France
Sent: 02/10 2003 08:56

I have recently moved to France and at the request of my three grown-up children I have started a family tree to keep boredom at bay! (Although why they think I am bored is beyond me!) I had a brother who was stillborn at Jessops Hospital but the only information that I have as follows: he was born in February 1941 or 1942 to Winifred and Victor Gibbons of 104 Burnaby Street Sheffield 6. My mother's maiden name was either Lee or Broadie Lee. Could you please tell me if any record of my brother's birth was kept either in Jessops or at the Sheffield Registry Office as I am not sure if stillborn births were registered. I also understand that my brother was buried in a communal grave and I would be grateful if you could confirm this. Please do not think that this would distress me further, I would be only too appreciative of any help you may be able to give me, yours sincerely, Mrs Margaret Ann Yeardley(nee Gibbons) another Jessop Baby!

Name: Tom Irwin
Sent: 02/10 2003 09:19

thanks for an excellent resource

Frank Merryweather
Sent: 02/10 2003 09:21

Chris: Thanks for checking Hey's book for me. You wouldn't by chance have a copy of the Whiston burial/cemetery records (on floppy)? If you do would you mind checking it for any Merryweather entres. Thanks again for your help and quick reply. Sincerely, Frank Merryweather

Colin MacDonald
City: Halifax, NS Canada
Sent: 02/10 2003 09:27

Thank you for posting the 1881 census on your site. I had been searching for information regarding my wife's great-grandfather, Ernest Youle. This is the only site that has offered any clue as to his existence in the Sheffield area. I have even contacted individuals that are familiar with the historicity of Sheffield, but they have had no knowledge of him (although part of the problem might have been my spelling the name as Earnest rather than as Ernest. Cheers, Colin MacDonald, Halifax, NS Canada

Name: Matt Lewis
City: Sydney, Australia
Sent: 29/10 2003 04:56

Hi Chris, I have the last name Lewis, my family hails from Twickenham. I'm trying to track down my family tree.. how do you think I should do it? I notice you have quite a few Lewis's in your background too. Any relation? Regards Matt Lewis Sydney, Australia Conquer the angry man by love. Conquer the ill-natured man by goodness. Conquer the miser with generosity. Conquer the liar with truth. - The Dhammapada

Name: darryl newton
City: Eastbourne Sussex
Sent: 29/10 2003 04:58

hi, i came across your web-site when searching for events in the years of 1963 to 2003. i was very impressed with the work you've put in. my contact direct to you is on behalf of my's their 40th wedding anniversary on nov 8th 2003, and they wanted to set up a stand to show people what has gone on during those years and your detail fits the bill. i saved the years i wanted on file,but when i tried to print one year off,all the right hand side wasn't there!!! the titles and the framing work was there from the left across,but it just would not shrink to fit size A4. when i tried to edit with Word,the page width was about 26cm,and i just can't get it down to 20cm to fit the A4. any help would be appreciated,as i've gone through about 40 print offs to try and get 1963 right. cheers darryl newton eastbourne

Name: Mrs Margaret Ann Yeardley
City: France
Sent: 29/10 2003 05:00

I have recently moved to France and at the request of my three grown-up children I have started a family tree to keep boredom at bay! (Although why they think I am bored is beyond me!) I had a brother who was stillborn at Jessops Hospital but the only information that I have as follows: he was born in February 1941 or 1942 to Winifred and Victor Gibbons of 104 Burnaby Street Sheffield 6. My mother's maiden name was either Lee or Broadie Lee. Could you please tell me if any record of my brother's birth was kept either in Jessops or at the Sheffield Registry Office as I am not sure if stillborn births were registered. I also understand that my brother was buried in a communal grave and I would be grateful if you could confirm this. Please do not think that this would distress me further, I would be only too appreciative of any help you may be able to give me, yours sincerely, Mrs Margaret Ann Yeardley(nee Gibbons) another Jessop Baby!

Name: Denni
City: Dronfield
Sent: 02/12 2003 15:29

Chris Just found your site, its fascinating. Do have any info regarding the other soldiers from Sheffield who were executed during the First World War


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