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Chris Hobbs
City: Canada
Sent: 05/12 2003 02:50

Hi there: I was just typing my name as a url domain and came across your site. I too am a chris hobbs and share the same crest of arms. I live in Canada where my family had immigrated from the UK generations ago. We have a fairly well investigated family tree that I must look at to see where and if our families spike away from each other. I have enclosed a picture of myself and my wife Catherine (she is from Korea and can defiantly trace her family back further than I could). Just thought you might be interested in meeting another Chris Hobbs. Have a great day, The other Chris Hobbs

Name: Frans Hoijtink
Sent: 05/12 2003 02:51

Hello chris, I have really enjoyed your site about abbeydale grammer school, I went there from 1966 to 1971. To me it was amazing because it was so different,I came from holland. I hold many fond memorries of the school. I left Sheffield in 1976 and I only came back in 2002 a bit of a shock. The school looked in a shocking state. And where has the industrie gone. When I came as a small lad,Sheffield to me was amasing, I grew up in Amsterdam no industrie just offices, while Sheffield lived for me smoke,you name it they made it. Do you remember laycocks accross from the school, there were a good few people worked there. I am sorry I have disturbed you, I have really enjoyed your website, Greetings Frans Hoijtink

Name: Robert Hobbs
Sent: 18/12 2003 02:22

I was quite fascinated with the information you posted on your website regarding the ancient origins of the surname Hobbs. Being a student of witchcraft, the idea of the name stemming from old world Celtic men and women of magick excited me no end! I'd love to know more about this. Can you point me in the right direction for further research on this? I've been researching the connection my family name has with witchcraft and so far I've come across three major items that warrant further study: 1. The three members of the Hobbs family tried for witchcraft at the Salem Witchcraft Trials. One of them admitted to being a witch and while all three were convicted, none of them was hanged. Nothing more is known about their fate other than the father left town. 2. The notoriously haunted Hobs Lane in London where many stories of occult activity have originated. 3. your information on the origins of the Hobbs name. If you find out more along these lines, please send them along!! Thanks, Bob Hobbs

Pauline Barnes
Sent: 18/12 2003 02:24

Dear Chris, Some time ago you contacted me through the Birmingham Pals web site. Recently my son added a bulletin board to this site & I am emailing everyone who has previously contacted us to let them know in case they find it useful. The address is: Regards, Pauline Barnes

Dennis Cerrone
Sent: 18/12 2003 02:26

Chris There were five other soldiers (That I have been able to find) from Sheffield who were executed during the 1st War, in addition to Henry Hughes. They were George Ainley 82 Randall St, Sheff. Frank Bateman 3 Kilton St, Sheff > Walter Dossett I dont have an address for him James A Haddock 21 Ranskill Rd Sheff. Ernest Walter Jack Harris ? Nether Edge Rd, Sheff. If you come across any information regarding these men I'd be gratefull to hear it. The connection you made between the Walkley murder and Ruth Ellis was a great piece of work. Did you know that one of Neville Heaths victims, Margery Gardner, was from Sheffield. From what I can make out she was an actress/call girl. Keep up the good work Dennis

Brian Hemsworth
City: Sheffield
Sent: 25/12 2003 08:48

Hello Chris, It was by chance that I read your web site. I am possibly related to the Hemsworth's of Sheffield. As a boy I used to visit my Grandparents on Myrtle Road, Heeley. I believe my Grandad's name was Harry who had a sister Dorothy and a brother Harry. We left Sheffield in 1968. regards Brian Hemsworth

City: north yorkshire
Sent: 02/01 2004 14:22

Hi Chris, you have just helped me in my search for some photos of my uncle,Charlie Wilkinson He played for Sheffield united in the 1936 FA cup final.I have never seen a picture of him and my Grandmother,his sister will be glad to see the picture as well as she has not seen one for a while. Of course he has long since died now,but did live to a ripe old age,but was offered the job as manager of Newcastle later on but decied to join the army instead. Thanks, Nicki.

City: CA
Sent: 05/02 2004 20:56

Awesome site! I will tell all of my friends :).

John Wragg
City: Belgium
Sent: 13/02 2004 17:24

Hi Chris and congratulations again on your truly superb site. Although we never met it was a pleasure to discover we were born vitually next door to each other, both went to Greenhill School, both went to Abbeydale Grammar, (nice to see my photos via Eric Youle) and both have Sheffield Uni links-even continuing today. Thank you John

Jim Whitaker
City: Dereham Norfolk
Sent: 20/02 2004 12:54

Ref The 1912 cup final and Harry Tufnell, Harry was my grandfathers brother,He was indeed born in Horninglow and was that Greengrocers assistant in the 1881, I have been chasing Harry for Family History, I have never found any family for Harry tho I'm assured he did marry and had sons, so if anyone has any info in this direction I would be pleased to recieve it. As you show he was a trainer at Oldham, Harry died December 1959 aged 73 in Oldham Infirmary with no family shown on the death certificate.

Rose Hobbs
Sent: 25/02 2004 23:47

Thank you for the Hobbs history. I am STARTLED and SHOCKED to see that your Grandfather James Hobbs... LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MY GRANDFATHER JAMES HOBBS, as well as my younger brother John! My Grandfather came to the USA from England and settled in Idaho and had a Law practice. He was also of your GF generation though I don't have his dates close at hand. I think we are distantly related! Rose Hobbs Washington State, USA Interesting we were also born the same year, but December 30th,1953.

Andrew "Barnes" Wood
City: Hilltop cottage
Sent: 03/03 2004 05:02

hello. I saw your Hilltop webpage and thought that you may be interested to know that my family have lived on Eastfield Lane since before the war. and still live at Eastfield Farm and the cottage next door, which would make them your neighbours many years ago. My late grandad George (pete) Wood was the farmer in the 30s until the 80s when he retired. My Dad (robert) and brother (simon) farm there now. best wishes Andrew wood SENT TO : Thursday, April 03, 2003 18:29:37

Robert Simpson
Sent: 03/03 2004 06:57

I was fascinated and delighted to come across your web site, with its material about my grandfather, Charles, much of which I did not know. Not only was most of this lifelong hoarder's collection of memorabilia thrown away, when he died, but he never used to reminisce about the past (to me, at any rate); which seems to have been a family trait, judging from how little his children ever said about him! I did manage to rescue a photograph album, containing photos of some of those war time and other encounters with Joe Davis and others; and managed to photocopy a book of press cuttings, before it was spirited away, I don't know where. He never received the recognition for what he did during the war, in raising what would be a fortune in today's money - but, in those days, people didn't expect it. I was aware of his legendary speed round the table. I never saw him play, as he had firmly retired by the time I came along. A great web site, quite apart from the Charles Simpson pages! Regards Robert Simpson

Graydon Barwick
Sent: 24/03 2004 04:41

I have recently visited your site while researching Hadfields East Hecla steel works. I was amased at the amount of information that you have gathered on a broad range of subjects ragarding the local history. Coincidentally I myself grew-up on Crookes and found your information interesting. The reason that I have contacted you is to ask whether you had come across any aerial photos of attercliffe or more particular, tinsley/meadowhall area pre- 1983. Frustratingly I do have some poor quality pictures of East Hecla but they arent of the complete site due to its size. I would be grateful if you could notify me if you have come across anything or possibly know somewhere I may get one. many thanks,

City: Dereham Norfolk
Sent: 24/03 2004 04:44

Hi Chris, I have been told that Harry was the manager at Wakefield City and Doncaster after he left Barnsley, he then went to Oldham as a trainer and when he died from a fractured skull after a fall at home, he was discribed as a "cotton mill labourer" of course in those days football wages wer'nt that good and I suppose after he finished with football he had to get what he could. His family originated in Hitchin in Hertfordshire, (as did the family of Phil Tufnell) but we have yet to find a link. Here is what I have recorded on his Father:- Adolphus was a House painter Journeyman, and some time after the births of their sons Frederick and Adolphus they moved to Horninglow in Derbyshire where they lived at 48, Charles Street and 49,John Street where some of their children were born, later moving back to Birmingham. By 1910 they were living at 2,Jersey Road,Saltley, Bham where they were living when an epidemic of meningitis killed some of their children. A family tale recalls when Adolphus hade been paid for painting or decorating a house, he being fond of a drink,would have one to many and fall in the canal on the way home,and he was regularly rescued and bought home drunk and wet. He was also fond of Bloaters for his tea, and afterwards would wipe the grease off his hands on his hair.?. This was relayed to me by my Grandmother. See attatchment of a picture of Harry and the team at Oldham. I have been researching Whitakers, Newton, Brewster and Butler in Nottingham for the past 40 years and it's only since thj advent of computers that I have come on in Leaps and bounds. Regards Jim

alan nicholls
Sent: 30/03 2004 15:55

Hi I see you have been researching Charles Lewis of Llanwrthwl who married Sarah Price 22 Feb 1818. I also have a Charles Lewis of Llanwrthwl in my family line but I'm not sure that he is the same individual as your ancestor. My Charles Lewis was a carpenter whose daughter Charlotte married to Henry Powell, labourer of Llanwrthwl on 14 May 1855. Do you have any information on this family of Lewis? Thanks. Alan

gary betts
Sent: 04/04 2004 07:19

chris had a look at your brilliant site, seeing as you have census information on spring hill for 1861/1881/1901, i was wondering, as i subscribe to a site with the 1871/1891 census, would you like the details of spring hill from there to add to what you have

Bruce Smith
City: Virginia Beach US
Sent: 05/04 2004 06:02

Hi Chris I wrote to you to see if you could help me with my family tree a couple of years ago. My mothers name was Hilda Myers before she was married. You kindly put me in touch with two or three others. Namely Jane Eddies and Paula Myers. It has since turned out that Jane is my 4th cousin and Paula is my 6th cousin. It is my grave duty to inform you that you are also related to yours truly. Hard luck mate! My lineage if you haven't hit the scotch by now is Hilda Myers b1915 Mother Edward Dalby Myers b1880 Grandfather m Rose Hannah Goodwin (b Sheffield) Edward Myers b1856 m Sarah Elizabeth Dalby (b Spofforth, Yorks) William Myers b1827 m Ann Hayes Stones (b Manchester, a white rose, no less) Edward Myers b 1788 m Hannah Street Edward Myers b1761 m Martha Eaton Francis Myers b 1732 m Sarah Emerson So we parted company in a genetic way by virtue of two brothers Edward b1761 and William b1766. So we are sixth cousins. How about a loan? I was born in Leicester (poor sod) as my Mother moved there before the war. She was born in Sheffield and my grandfather last lived in Bennett St off The Moor. Both my Grandfather and Great Grandfather worked at Robert Hadfield's. I moved to the US in 1987. I was a senior manager with Tarmac and ran all of their quarries over here until 1998. So go and have a sit down and get some rest. What with losing to France last night and now this, it's been one hell of a weekend for you. Warm Regards Bruce Smith Virginia Beach US

Mike Bailey
City: Sawtry Cambs UK
Sent: 05/04 2004 06:09

Enjoyed the site and in particular the Shutt tree. I was especially fascinated as I was born, in 1940, at 272 Dunlop Street and lived there for the first 11 years of my life. We then moved to the New Parson Cross estate where we lived next door to a familly , believe it or not, called Shutt!! Thanks for the enjoyment the site gave me. Mike Bailey Sawtry Cambs UK I lived at 16 and they lived at 18 Milnrow Rd, New Parson Cross

Mike Gomersall
Sent: 14/04 2004 04:52

I found the mail you sent extremely interesting, so much so that I decided to check the 1901 Census. Sadly there was no FRANCIS CRAWSHAW RAYNES or similar listed. But knowing some of the things family's do with names (esp in Sheffield) I entered FRANK RAYNES and found a suitable hit that tied in with the d.o.b and location. As I had a few look ups to do I lashed out a fiver and came up with the answer to your question. FRANCIS aka FRANK was JOHN's younger brother. I have attached the original image from the Census in pdf format for your records.Please pass the info. onto Paul As you may know the Parish Registers for Heeley Church are being transcribed at but John has only got upto Jan 1895 at the moment but I should imagine that Frank will have been baptised there later that year. I will make a note to check. No luck though with the police no for JCR. I will post the additional information you gaveto the site and place an "appeal" on it asking for that particular piece of data.


Name: James Hobbs
City: Methley, West Yorks
Sent: 21/04 2004 22:38

Interested to see there is a strong Hobbs connection in Sheffield, my family are from Normanton, West Yorks. My late Granddad John Hobbs was Lord Mayor of Normanton in the 1970's. He married Winifred Bailey who i think who came from the Nottingham area. He had three sons John, Kenneth (my father)and Roy also two daughters Brenda and Barbara. James Hobbs

Name: Vig
City: Atlanta, GA
Sent: 24/05 2004 18:44

I was also born 16th of November, although in 1985. I have never seen such an expansive list of Nov 16 birthdays as I saw here. Wonderful resource. PS. Paul Scholes and Shigeru Miyamoto were also born on our birthday.

City: Sheffıeld - Manor Park
Sent: 19/06 2004 12:04

My name ıs Nıcholas Knıght and my mothers maıden name ıs Vıcky Booth. Her mother Margarıe Fırth was a relatıve of James Fırth who was presented the vıctorıa cross

Name: cassie
Sent: 16/07 2004 17:24

Hi Very interested in your page as i am tracing my family tree, who lives in crookes, there address in the 1881 census is 231 crookes, wondered if this was the same as the murder one, also my lots of greats nan was a shop keeper, so her home was a shop, please could you email me to let me know if it is the same address thanks cassie

Name: pete ackroyd
City: codsall south staffs
Sent: 21/07 2004 14:08

dear chris, long time no viddy as the late anthony burgess [ fellow manc graduate would say] 1969 in fact when i left abbeydale therefore missing all the joys of two girls schools . did you know your site featured on blades united today? 1 son at l'pool doing chemy 1 son at sheff doing law daughter due uni. year after next so skint gp dr p a !up the blades !!!pete ackroyd[ the swot in 2g2 who got promotion? to 3g1 ]lets hope warnock's wonders do this season regards pete

Kay Feltham
City: England
Sent: 22/07 2004 02:53

Great site, Chris. You brought back memories of the infamous Sheffield gales! Visitors to my Gaggle of Geese website are very welcome

Name: Widds
Sent: 01/08 2004 16:56

Hi Chris, Re: your 1969 page. Jeannie Franklin wasn't the girlfriend of Martin Lamble, she was the girlfriend of the then Fairport Convention guitarist, Richard Thompson.

Sent: 11/08 2004 04:44

hi chris,you must have been at abbeydale about the same time as me,sort of late 60's,bastard awful place,schooldays happiest days etc.?regards ian boulby

Name: Thomas Hobbs
City: Cornwall
Sent: 13/08 2004 10:23

I was astonished to discover a website with the actual definition of the Hobbs name. My family have all visited this website. It has intrigued me about my origins and to investigate more, as I am the last in my current line of Hobbs.

Name: Herman Labuschagne
City: Johannesburg, South Africa
Sent: 25/08 2004 06:41

Dear Chris, I have visited your website at and thought I would pay my genealogical respects. I’m a descendant of the founder of the Hobbs dynasty in South Africa, via my mother’s side (she was a Hobbs). The founder was Philip Hobbs, born Jul 1792, Weymouth, England + 24 Nov 1870, Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa x 7 Nov 1814, Westbury Parish Church, Wiltshire, England Charity Francis * abt 1793-1795, England + 1828, Bethany, Bathurst, South Africa XX Jane Mary Randall * 13 Nov 1810-1811, Westbury, Wiltshire, England XXX 24 Oct 1802, Kent, England + 1887, Bathurst. The parents of Philip Hobbs were John Hobbs and Mary Pepler—no futher details known. Philip Hobbs came to South Africa from Westbury in 1820 and from there on the family tree is fairly well-researched. I What I’m always wondering about is why my grandfather always told me that the family was originally Welsh. Have you ever heard of any Hobbs routes in Wales? It doesn’t really make sense, but that is what the old folks told us. With cordial regards from one distant cousin to another, Herman Labuschagne Johannesburg, South Africa

Name: Tony Beardshaw
Sent: 25/08 2004 06:48

I came across your site on the internet today and was fascinated to see the detail you had recorded for William Johnson Clegg my 2nd-great-grandfather. You have saved me some time with the census information on the website page etc. Did you know that the sons Charles and William and 3rd child, Mary Ellen (my great grandmother) were from his first wife Mary Sykes. My family have a photograph of WJC wearing his Mayoral chains of office. If you would like me to scan this and send you a JPEG for inclusion on your site, I would be more than happy to do so. BTW. Mary Ellen married William Pierce Dix who I think was a football referee from Sheffield and it was their daughter, Gertrude who married the brother (Joseph) of another Sheffield Footballer - William Frederick Beardshaw. Ironically I have no interest in football although I suspect I wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the activity surrounding the game in Sheffield at the end of the 1800's.

Name: Bryn Shelley
Sent: 25/08 2004 06:51

I followed a link from the Sheffiled United fans' website to your own. I thouroughly enjoyed looking through it, espescially the SUFC pictures. I was also intriguided by the V.C. winner. My great grand-dad (or great uncle, I am not too sure) also lost a leg in The Great War. He became a member of the Limbless Ex-service mens' association (LESMA), and had to go to Leeds (of all places) for a fitting of a prosthetic limb. I still have his appointment card (3 years after he was discharged for being medically unfit (ie having 1 leg), his discharge from hospital card (Queen Mary's convalescent Auxiliary Hospitals) as well as his membership card for the LESMA. I wonder if your chap was in the LESMA?

City: Barnsley
Sent: 31/08 2004 07:28

A very nice site with lots of interest.I was 5 years old when the Sheffield Blitz took place,and lived at 12 Fowler Terrace,which scored a direct hit,we were trapped in the cellar for 6 hours and had to be dug out,I was then evacuated to Wales. so thank you for some very interesting reading

Name: Paul Tansley
City: Sheffield
Sent: 02/09 2004 18:37

Regarding the murder trial of Charles Hall, 5 Longley Cres. Sheffield I live around the corner from that house and know the present occupier well. Less than a year after he was sentenced to death there was a small article in the Times dated Nov 24 1954. It stated: Charles Hall aged 66 a steel smelter from Longley Crescent, Sheffield has been released from prison nearly a year after he was reprieved after being sentenced to death for the murder of his imbecile son. Hope that helps.

Cliff Watkins
City: Beckenham, BR3 3QB
Sent: 24/09 2004 11:43

Have just read your Enid Blyton - Sheffield Connection. I had this already but not so crisply presented. i am interested particularly in the Harrison side of the family. Most writings about Enid attribute her ability to her father. I feel that Theresa must have made a big contribution. Are you able to research the Harrison cutlery family's achievements? Will gladly discuss further. Regards Cliff

Name: Dennis Morrod
City: Cornwall
Sent: 28/09 2004 02:22

i Chris, I was directed to your website from the - Flanders Field site. I was interested in your compiling the 'actual military executions - just ten percent of all death sentences past' (of,in the main, shell-shocked men) into the areas of Britian from which they came. Excellent site, thank you.

Robert Hobbs
City: Markham, Ontario, Canada
Sent: 19/10 2004 13:45

Chris, I really enjoyed your web site. The research you have provided is very enjoyable and very informative. You look like a happy sort so please have a beer on me. Regarding ReHerman Labuschagne of Johannesburg, South Africa question regarding a Hobbs Welsh connection. My dad John Harvey Hobbs was born in Holyhead Wales 1932. He also told me he said a south african cousin who had been captured by the Japenese during WWII but survived. My father also mentioned his uncle was John Berry Hobbs who was an excellent cricket player for Britian. Please forward this to his attention. Thanks RH

Robert Hobbs
Sent: 19/10 2004 17:20

Chris, could you possible let me know where you got the information (ie publication, documentation etc. ) regarding the surname history of the name Hobbs. I have not heard of the surname HOBBS in this context before ( see below) The very oldest is from the Saxon term for the Celtic HIgh Priests who presided at Religeous Ceremonies. The Saxons called them HOBS which is their term for a Nature Spirit. These same priests were also called Wizards and Witches because they were the Wise Men and Women of the Community. They were the most powerful people in the entire Entire United Kingdom and literally had the power of life and death. They were higher than a King, in terms of status. However because of the Witch persecution in the middle ages. Their practice of Witchcraft went underground and they stopped keeping written records. However the fact that the family survuves at all shows that they succeeded in surviving. YThis is where my family descends from. The holder of the position of High Priest and/or Priestess was known as a HOB. The Priest or Priestess in charge of a Religeous gathering, which in Saxon was known as a COVEN, was passed down generation to generation. You could be initiated as a Witch but you could only be born a HOB. For a Hobbs, being born was their initiation into Witchcraft. The next oldest origin is from the Viking and Saxon name HRODBEARTSON or HRODBEARTSSON but this term is usually only in the north of England, especially Yorkshire. This means Son of Robert. The third oldest comes from the french term for someone who HOBBYS, meaning somebody who hunts with a Falcon instead of a Hawk. This term comes from Gloucestershire. Finally Hobb was a pet form of the name Robert (where there is a mention of Hobb). The Norman invasion in 1066 brought countless new names to England, but the local population had trouble pronouncing the Norman version of a preceding "R" so they used "H" in many cases, which was easier for them to pronounce. That is why Dick became a nickname for Rick (Richard), and Hobb was substituted for Rob (Robert). Hob, Hopp, Hobbin, Hoblin, Hobling, Hoblyn are variations. Patronymic (that is where the name is taken from the father) forms include Hobbes, Hobbs, Hobbiss, Hobbis, Hobson, Hopson, Hobbins. Thanks RH

Name: Lorna Jones
City: Builth Wells
Sent: 19/11 2004 14:14

My maternal grandmother was a Lewis of Llanafan Fawr, where in fact I grew up. If you have come across any information of the Lewis os The Parc, Llanfan I would be grateful. I have obviously the 1881 census, but was wondering if you have any information on the periods in between. I have grown up with the knowledge of the Lewis Lewis episode and knew of one that had been transported for the stealing of a turkey. My father has always teased my mother about it. The strange thing is that even though we have the report of the murder we never thought it would be of interest outside of Mid Wales, or even Llanafan for that matter. I suppose that it is something when you have still the surname of Lewis very much in the area you don't talk much about, as people seem to have very long memories. Anyway if you would like to contact me I would be deeply grateful.. Regards Lorna.