The following is taken from a leaflet I kept from a visit to the Norton water tower in the mid 1970's. At the time, I was living in the Greenhill- Bradway area of Sheffield. I think the visit was to do with a course I was doing at Sheffield Polytechnic but I can't be sure on that one. The one regret I do have though is not taking a camera 

"This landmark on the City's Southern skyline at the junction of Hemsworth Road and Norton Lane was built at a cost of approximately 90,000 to provide an adequate supply of water in the Norton Area where there are about ten thousand dwellings including the large housing estates in the Gleadless Valley. The Tower was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield (Alderman J. W. Sterland, M.B.E., J.P.) on the 12th July, 1961.

The entire structure which has a diameter of 64 ft. at the base and a height of 109 ft. is built of reinforced concrete. The water tank is supported by a series of twenty-six columns 53 ft. high. It has a diameter of 60 ft., a depth of 18 ft. and a capacity of 300,000 gallons with a top water level of 828 ft.

Originally the Norton area was entirely supplied by water from Redmires, via Ringinglow, by gravitation, but the increasing demand particularly at peak draw-off periods, made it necessary to provide a supplementary supply. The additional supply is drawn from Rivelin, the water being pumped through Norton Lees Pumping Station. When the Redmires, water proves inadequate an electrically controlled automatic valve on the Ringinglow, main closes that supply and the area is fed from water in the Tower.

As this falls to a certain level, the pumps in the basement automatically come into operation to refill the tank with water from Rivelin until such time as the Redmires, supply again becomes available as it normally is during the night period.

At the top of the Tower an observatory with an open gallery affords on a clear day a fine panoramic view of the City and countryside for miles around. A lift is provided for easy access to the gallery.

The Yorkshire Water Authority hopes the public will avail itself of the opportunity to visit this Tower and appeals for its co-operation in preventing any damage to Waterworks property and equipment in or around the building.

All enquiries to be made to :-

G. T. CALDER, B.SC., F.I.C.E., F.I.W.E., Division Director,
Yorkshire Water Authority,
Southern Division,
Castle Market Building,
Exchange Street,
S1 1GB

('Phone: 26421, Extn. 5).

THE OAKS WATER TOWER will be open to the public during 1975 from 2.00 p.m. until dusk on the following days:-

Easter Weekend
Friday 28th March to Tuesday 1st April

Spring Holiday Weekend
Saturday 24th May to Tuesday 27th May

Know your Sheffield Week
Saturday 5th July to Sunday 13th July

Sheffield Holiday Weeks
Saturday, 19th July to Sunday, 10th August

Late Summer Bank Holiday
Saturday 23rd August to Monday 25th August
Special arrangements can also be made for organised parties on application
Public Transport available as follows:-
Nos. 2 & 59 Outer Circle
Nos. 20 & 33 Hemsworth
Nos. 34 & 38 Graves Park Norton
No. 43 - Jordanthorpe


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