A few years ago I posted an article to the site that described the tragic events that occurred in Sheffield on 25th August 1886 when a wall collapsed at the works of Messrs. Daniel Doncaster and Sons, in Mathew Street, killing eight children who were playing in the adjacent Street. One of the fatalities was three year old William Cullingworth who was the son of Ton Cullingworth, the licensee of the Burnt Tree Tavern, Hoyle Street, Sheffield.

William was buried in Sheffield's General Cemetery. The burial record is as follows

Burial no: 14357 Grave no: U1 3 Death date: 25 Aug 1886 Burial date: 29th August 1886 Name: William Cullingworth : Age: 3y 6m cause of death: description: Son of Tom Cullingworth, Victualler birthplace: residence: 83 Hoyle Street parents: informant: minister: J W Talbot burial type: consecrated.

William CULLINGWORTH Son of Tom Cullingworth,Victualler, 83 Hoyle Street age: 3y 6m, buried: 29 Aug 1886
Tom CULLINGWORTH Victualler, 83 Hoyle Street age: 33, buried: 30 Jan 1889
Tom CULLINGWORTH Steel Turner, 182 Firth Park Road age: 22, buried: 16 Nov 1908

In finding the burial record I noticed that there was also another WILLIAM CULLINGWORTH buried in the Cemetery

Burial no: 3986 grave no: G 49 Death date: 16 May 1874 Burial date: 20 May 1874
Name: William Cullingworth Age: 43 Cause of death: - : Description: Victualler, New Turks Head Birthplace: - : Residence: Scotland Street (Died ? ? by H?) Minister: George Sandford Burial type: consecrated

Elizabeth CULLINGWORTH Widow, 15 Dover Street age: 65, buried: 18 Apr 1899.

In July 2008 I was contacted by a person who was involved in organising tours of the General Cemetery who wanted to use some of the material on the tragedy in their Newsletter. The person confirmed that the two William's were related and that the older one also died in a tragic accident.

Referring to the Sheffield Daily Telegraph dated 25 March 1874 and a report headed

Fall of a stand at Lincoln Races
Several Sheffield Men Injured

We learn by telegraph that while the Carholme Stakes were being run at the Lincoln Race Meeting, yesterday afternoon, one of the temporary stands fell, carrying with it a crowd of people, many of whom were injured. Amongst the persons who received the most serious wounds was Mr. William Cullingworth, landlord of the New Turk's Head, Scotland Street. Several other Sheffield men who were present also received cuts and bruises, and were removed to the Hospital, where Mr Cullingworth lies in a most critical state, his spine having been dreadfully injured."

Freeman's Journal also dated 25th March 1874 also covered the accident but added far more background detail


A day later The Leeds Mercury gave a fuller report and refers to the fact that William Cullingworth was at first feared dead



William never recovered. The accident happened on 24th March 1874 but he did not die until 16th May 1874 - a period in excess of seven weeks during which time he must have experienced indescribable pain as a result of his injuries.  And as the death certificate indicates, William died in Lincoln and so his return to Sheffield was in a coffin. 


Deaths Jun 1874 Cullingworth William Age 45 Lincoln Volume 7a 315  


Sheffield Daily Telegraph dated 25 March 1874

Freeman's Journal also dated 25th March 1874

The Leeds Mercury dated 26th March 1874

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