Air Raid Precautions - Parkgate Iron & Steel Ltd Rotherham Yorkshire Sheffield December 1939

I came across the following booklet the other day - the title is rather self explanatory but it's interest for me lies in the wording that was employed by the company. Reading through it I get the impression that they were fearful that people who were under Luftwaffe attack would not do as they were told, and that the only way they could maintain "discipline and order" was by threatening each and every employee with dismissal, and in certain cases referral to the police for possible prosecution. It seems rather a strange way of engendering co-operation and joint purpose. In fact it could be argued that it did the opposite - it bred resentment and non-compliance. It also seems to place an awful lot of responsibility and authority on the Warden - surely it would have been better if the duties of the warden had been dispersed so that in the event of the latter being indisposed, others would have been able to take over his various roles.



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