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Bramall Lane - 1975

Jack Archer was the name of a sports out-fitters who had a shop at 90 Bramall Lane, Sheffield. It was situated next to a newsagents which in turn was on the corner of Bramall Lane and the inappropriately named Ascot Street. It was of course more or less adjacent to Bramall Lane, the home of Sheffield United FC.

I remember going in the shop on rare occasions and visualize it as being rather cramped with stock being piled on top of one another.

But what I remember most is that they always had an advertisement in the match-day programme for donkey's years. There is even an entry in the 1925 edition of the Kelly's Directory,

90 Bramall Lane. John William Archer , athletic outfitter.   


But there is precious little else I know about Jack Archer. He seems to have served in the First World War as he is commemorated on a Roll of Honour in the nearby St Mary's Church, but that is about it. And so if anyone can help me out, please contact me


90 - 92 Bramall lane are the subject of a Terry Gorman picture - the shops were demolished many years ago when the local council had plans to turn Bramall Lane into a dual carriageway. These never came into fruition and so Bramall Lane, instead of being a vibrant area has the look of a district that time forgot.  

But in the Sheffield Telegraph dated Wednesday 24 December 2008 there was the following report

LONG-TERM plans to widen Bramall Lane will be examined in the New Year. The council is beginning to assess the effectiveness of any project to ease traffic congestion and what it would cost.

"We have also thought that Bramall Lane needed some work because it has always been a congested route," said John Bann, the council's head of transport and highways. If the authority believes there is a strong case for widening the road, it must first convince a regional transport board before submitted a scheme to the Government's Department of the Environment. Any work would not be carried out before 2014.

The idea of widening Bramall Lane has been in the air for years, although plans for a dual carriageway have been long abandoned. As well as being crowded on match days at Sheffield United's Bramall Lane stadium, the area has seen a lot of commercial and residential development in recent times, adding to the case to examine ways of tackling traffic problems."

To date nothing has happened.

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