A Boy called Georgina - Norton Woodseats Sheffield 1929

In the BMD Registers there are entries for the following child

Births Jun 1929 - Shaw Georgeina Shipston Ecclesall B. 9c 649
Deaths Jun 1929 - Shaw Georgeina 0 Ecclesall B. 9c 436

She was the child of

Surname First name (s) Spouse District Vol Page
Marriages Jun 1915 Shaw George married Letitia Shipstone Willesden Volume 3a Page 563

Georgeina had a short life but nothing could be as pointless and tragic as "her" death

The Manchester Guardian dated 9th May 1929 carries a report of the Inquest into Georgeina's death

The Sheffield Daily Independent dated 9th May 1929 also carried a report of the inquest

This is a cutting from the Northern Daily Mail dated 9th May 1929

As far as I'm aware no criminal proceedings were initiated against the parents. The Coroner and the Jury were clearly incensed at the conduct of the father - his behaviour was deemed to be callous and disgraceful. There was ample evidence to indicate that George Shaw was "under the influence of drink" that Saturday evening, and his actions or rather the lack of them clearly point to neglect. But I doubt whether he would have been successfully prosecuted for his reprehensible conduct that night  - George Shaw did absolutely nothing apart from calling his son Georgeina. And it is very difficult to prosecute someone when they have done nothing!

When the Coroner called the case an "unsavoury one" he was in my opinion understating it. Grotesque would have been a better description!

And as for the little baby. The excellent Sheffield Indexers site has the following burial record

"SHAW, Georgina (Daughter of George, age 7 1/2 hours). -  Died at 288 Derbyshire Lane; Buried on May 9, 1929 in Consecrated ground;      Grave Number 3030, Section D of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield. 

The grave is also the last resting place of another 19 persons,


Sheffield Indexers

The Manchester Guardian dated 9th May 1929

Northern Daily Mail dated 9th May 1929

The Sheffield Daily Independent dated 9th May 1929 

Sheffield Indexers


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