From the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent 16th September 1871

As no name appear in the reports, I checked the BMD Registers and found that the wins were called AMELIA and HERBERT

Births Jun 1870 - Edley Amelia Ecclesall B. 9c 249 Edley Herbert Ecclesall B. 9c 249

Deaths Sep 1871 Edley Herbert 1 Sheffield 9c 246

A report of the Inquest appeared in the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent 21st September 1871

William Ward agent Oxford Road said that he was in Daniel Hill Street about three o' clock in the afternoon of the 15th. He saw two children playing in the middle of the road. A boy with two horses attached to a cart laden with bricks came up the hill. On coming near the children the lad who was behind the cart cracked the whip, and one of the children ran into a house. The other attempted to get out of the way but in getting on the footpath fell and rolled under the horses feet. One of the horses kicked the child on the head and one of the wheels of the cart passed over his shoulder...
By a Juror He did not think that the boy was capable of managing the horses but if he had been at the horses head he could have prevented the accident...

George Henry Lingard living with his parents in Pond Street said he was half turned eleven. He did not know the nature of an oath. On the day in question he was carting bricks from Woods brickyard to Walkley. When going up Daniel Hill Street he was leading the first of two horses. He heard a woman call to him to look behind and on turning round he saw the deceased lying about a yard from the footpath. The child was on the right side of the horses and he was on the left

After the accident Mr Ward the previous witness came out of one of the neighbouring houses...in answer to the juror witness said that he had driven the horses several times before. In payment for driving he received his board and 3d a week. He was paid by Mr Thorpe his master

Mr Hallam the house surgeon confirmed the injuries and stated that the boy had died shortly after admission

The coroner said that the evidence of the two witnesses contradicted each other very materially. For his own part he was satisfied that the statementof Ward could not be relied upon and he would rater believe that of the boy. What ever conclusion they came to with regard to the conduct of the boy he thought they must consider the owner of the horses to blame in entrusting the lad with the care of the horses. It was not criminal however for a person to do so and they could not bring him in guilty of manslaughter - all they could do was reprimand him It was in the province of the police to take cognieance of such cases and it would perhaps be as well to leave Mr Jackson to deal with him.

The jury returned a verdict of Accidental death


Births Jun 1870
Edley Amelia Ecclesall B. 9c 249
Edley Herbert Ecclesall B. 9c 249

Deaths Sep 1871
Edley Herbert 1 Sheffield 9c 246

Marriages Sep 1894

Beaman Henry Sheffield 9c 691
Edley Amelia Sheffield 9c 691
Gillatt James Harry Sheffield 9c 691
Smith Alice Sheffield 9c 691

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