"Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another".
Ernest Hemingway

"Be who you are and say what you feel - because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind !"  Dr. Seuss

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"Don, like a weltering worm, lies blue below,
And, Wincobank, before me, rising green,
Calls from the south the silvery Rother slow,
And smiles on moors beyond, and meads between -

Ebenezer Elliott "Withered Wild Flowers" 1834

"To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong." - Joseph Chilton Pearce.


1.  Killed by a Runaway Lorry - Bower Road, Crookesmoor, Sheffield April 1935
2.  A Boy Burnt to Death in Heeley, Sheffield 1852
3.  The Sheffield Bribery Case - April 1930 "men who take bribes cannot be trusted"
4.  The Trials of Selina Mannifield
5.  Death of a Sheffield Worthy - September 1896
6.  The Sheffield Woman Who Gave Birth To 23 Children - "she had varicose veins" 
7.  Papa Hemingway and the Sheffield Connection
8.  A Sheffield Man Worked to Death (on Rutland Road)
9.  Samuel Holroyd Murdered His Wife - Walkley Sheffield May 1899 - "I banged her head against the wall and she fell down upon the floor"
10.Henry Hurst's "Mutt and Jeff" - Sheffield 1916
11.Ex-Hunters Bar Pupil (Sheffield) Declares War on Nazi Germany - September 1939
12.John Arthur Hall - Sheffield's First Fatality of WW2?
13.Gran Worked for Uncle - Attercliffe Sheffield 1911
14.Joe Foster's Creeping Club - Attercliffe Sheffield 1930
15.A Boy called Georgina - Norton Woodseats Sheffield 1929
16. A Commotion at an Inquest - Sheffield March 1936  "The mother of the child was heard to scream "Oh no, don't"
17.The Murder of Trivett Darwent - Hollis Croft Sheffield 1927
18. A Rude Awakener - William and Annie Eastwood Sheffield 1900
19. Beaumont Rundle 1884 - 1917
20 Sydney Albert Cutts - From Woodhouse (Sheffield) to Archangel (Russia)
21.Alfred "Squint" Milner - A Curious Career Sheffield 1887
22.Sheffield Doctors Tragical Death - Sheffield February 1900
23. What Happened To Lady Jones - Whirlow Brook,Sheffield 1946 
24 The Troublesome Death of Joseph Riley - Sheffield 1922
25 Who Murdered Eleanor Hammerton - Ecclesall Road Sheffield January 1945 and The Confession of Ernest Bramham March 1945
26.William Thompson Smout died 1st July 1916
27. The Tragic Death of Nora Leary  - Broomhead Moors December 1937 - "Then a blizzard started and Nora cried out for her mother and became delirious. She got up but they made her lie down again, and she started moaning and groaning".
28. Starved to Death by the Germans - Charles Hurt 1915 "the Germans are carrying out another of their fiendish threats"
29. The Sheffield Sports Stadium November 1927 - "the stadium will accommodate 30,000 people"
30. The Anderson Family - A Sheffield Tragedy
31 The Sheffield Boiler Disaster - 1st November 1899 "Three bodies, mangled by fallen brickwork, blackened with ashes, reddened with blood, and swollen with    scalds, were lying    near togetherí
32.Shocking Xyclonite Fire in Netherthorpe Sheffield December 1921 -  "Workers Trapped in Burning Building. Four Victims: Horrible Scenes"
33.The Grief of Robert Jubb - Omdurman Street Sheffield - September 1914
34 Another Victim of the Great War - John Scanlan Pitsmoor Sheffield December 1919
35 The Wrigley Family - A Soldier's Family of Soldiers - Sheffield
36 Clement Kendrick - A Sheffield Signal Boy
37. Second Lieutenent Edward C Durnan (1896-1917)
38. Theresa Unwin - Jack The Ripper Claims Another Victim - Crookes Sheffield October 1888
39. Herbert Edley's Short and Tragic Life - Walkley September 1871
40. The Tragic Death of Rosaline Mary Bellamy - Walkley Sheffield 1930 - "I am sorry I have bothered to sum up to you"
41. John Nicholson (1864-1932) - Sheffield United Football Club 
42. The Mabel Gillott Diet Plan - Sheffield December 1956
43. William Domkowicz (1820 - 1898)
44. A Case of Wilful Murder - George Nicholson Westbar Sheffield 27th February 1904
45 Killed by a beer barrel - James Roch - Sheffield October 1896
46.My First Football Match Sheffield United v Burnley 10th March 1962 FA Cup Sixth Round   
47.Murder and Meningitis - Wadsley Sheffield - January 1910
48.The Bravery of Blanche Deffley - Ford, Ridgeway, Sheffield - April 1928
49.A Neighbour's Funeral - Burngreave Sheffield - January 1893 
50.Private Cyril Newbury of Dunedin,New Zealand - The Sheffield Connection

There are another collection of articles that have a "Sheffield connection" on the following page

"Money is like manure. Spread around, it does a lot of good, but when kept in large piles by a few, it stinks."

"A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more, and amid the passive acquiescence of all." - Tacitus

"In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel ''The Hound of the Baskervilles,'' the detective Sherlock Holmes cracked a murder case by deciphering the clue of ''the dog that barked in the night.'' The key to the case was that on the night in question, the dog should have barked, but didn't proving, Sherlock Holmes said, that what is not there is often as important as what is."

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