Blondin in the Botanical Gardens, Sheffield - June 1861

This report is from a supplement to the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent dated 22nd June 1861. It refers to the first appearance in the provinces of Charles Blondin. For those who do not know of Blondin and his many feats as a tightrope walker and acrobat, there is an excellent website that is dedicated to his life and exploits

The event took place in the evening of Monday 17th June 1961 and the two things to note are the size of the crowds, and the monies that the exhibition raised. The newspaper was quite firm in its belied that the crowd was one of the largest, if not the largest that ever assembled in Sheffield. The population of Sheffield was estimated to be 219,634, which gives an indication of the effect the event had on the people of Sheffield.

The takings of 700 are approximately 58000 in today's prices, whilst Blondin's fee of 150 and expenses is worth approximately 12,500 today. A handsome return for those who organised the event but the newspaper did report that some of the spectators felt that Blondin had "played it safe" and did not fully extend himself. A number of performers who have visited Sheffield since then have pursued a similar policy!


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Sheffield and Rotherham Independent 22nd June 1861

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