The Death of George "Strangler" Johnson - Sheffield Railway Staion 3rd March 1933

As with a number of articles on the site I came across the circumstances of George's death whilst researching something else. The first report is from the Sunderland Echo and Shipping Gazette dated 16th March 1933 and refers to the inquest that was held in Sheffield into the circumstances surrounding George's death

The next report is from The Citizen dated 16th March 1933 and offers similar information.  

The Yorkshire Post also carried a report in its edition

Although the inquest, recording a verdict of death by heart failure, it did add the rider that wrestling ought to be barred, with the Coroner noting that all-in wrestling seemed to be an unlawful sport. And also added that when a combatant died as a result of a fight, his opponent should be liable to a charge of manslaughter. 

Such was the concerns raised by the events of 3rd March 1933 in Sheffield, questions were raised in Parliament. The Citizen dated 21st March had this report

As far as I can ascertain no changes were made to the law


Sunderland Echo and Shipping Gazette dated 16 March 1933 

The Citizen dated dated 16 and 21 March 1933 

The Yorkshire Post dated dated 16 March 1933  

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