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1.   Walter Hasland and the Runaway Horse - Infirmary Road Sheffield January 1935
2.   Walter Wells (1986-1917) - A Soldier from Sheffield
3.   Samuel Cooper and Robert Draycott - Two Soldiers from Sheffield
4.   Thomas Ward - A Colour-Sergeant in the 84th Regiment of Foot 
5.   The Family of Fanny Ward nee Doubleday - Sheffield 
6.   Darnall Man executes The King of England - Whitehall 30th January 1649 
7.   Albert and Eliza Wright - Walkley Sheffield 
8.   The Unlikely Hero from Sheffield - Irvine Mercer Roberts (1917-1943) "He truly laid down his life for others" 
9.   The Death of Two Brothers - Sheffield 22nd November 1925 James Mackenzie and Herbert Knox Melling  
10. The Unlikely Deaths of Gordon Strange and Alan Tucker 15th November 1940 - Sheffield City Hall 
11. Tommy Sampy (1899 - 1978) - Sheffield United FC  
12. Alfred Ernest Bruce - Sheffield Man Cuts Throat to Avoid Arrest - Nottingham 13th February 1925  
13. Uncles Last Day - Broad Lane Sheffield - 21st July 1946 
14. The Sudden Death of Mary Wilson - Sheffield April 1908 - " (Mary) had taken enough drugs to poison Sheffield"   
15. A Brave Man from Commonside Sheffield August 1953
16. Edgar Lidster 1885 - 1915 Intake Sheffield
17. Blondin in the Botanical Gardens Sheffield - June 1861
18. Danger Man at Wilson Peck (Sheffield) - The Romance of a Sheffield Manhole Cover
19. Alan Lowndes (1921 - 1978) - The Sheffield Connection
20. Jack Slack and the Froggatt Edge Mystery
21. Fanny Gibbins - A Burning Tragedy - Spring Hill Sheffield 1903
22. Herbert Fretwell (1882 - 1941) - One of the Best
23. Thomas Lunney of Hillsborough (Sheffield)
24. A Family Tragedy - Doris Laura Hill - Sheffield 8th October 1929
25. The Last of 631 Fatalities - Sheffield 1939 - 1945
26. The Hearts of Oak, Dronfield Woodhouse Sheffield (1936-2015)
27. The Last of the Sheffield Bomb Victims - Sunday 12th October 1941
28. Holy Trinity Church Wicker Sheffield
29.The Last Walk of Wifred Mason - Howden Clough - January 1917
30.The Building of Crookes Cemetery Chapel - Sheffield 1908
31.A Whit-Monday Carouse and its Consequence - Charles Straw Sheffield 1896
32.The Brief Life of Kenneth Toulson - Sheffield 1931
33.The Death of a Sheffield Policewoman - May 1936

34.The Life and Death Arthur James Walkden (1896-1948)

35.A Martyr for Liberty - The Death of John Baker - Sheffield June 1922 
36.Henry Titterton - A Civilian Casualty of World War 2 - Walkley, Sheffield 14th December 1939 
37.The Dark Heart of Henry Blacktin - Sheffield 1875
38.George Henry Barker,(1866 - 1937) Deputy Chief Constable of Sheffield  
39.The Tragic Death of Reginald Thorpe Barker - 28th March 1939 - Imperial Works Sheffield
40.The Motorist Who Dodged Woman Suicide Four Times - Wortley, Sheffield June 1934
41.Frederick Howe 1884-1916 Walkley Sheffield
42.The Death of George "Strangler" Johnson - Sheffield Railway Station 3rd March 1933
43.Walkley Palladium (Sheffield) 1914 - 1962
44.The Eckington Drowning Tragedy - 16th March 1895
45.Murder at Camp 17 Lodge Moor Sheffield 24th March 1945
46.The Death of Eliza Ann Boldock - Sheffield 21st May 1897
47.Death at Woodburn Junction (Sheffield) - The Fate of Richard Undy 26th January 1884
48.The Parental Neglect of Samuel and Annie Nicholson - Sheffield August 1903
49.Death in the Old Mans Hut - John Holland Abbeyfield Park Sheffield 1938 
50.Sheffield's First Air Raid - 25th September 1916 and the Unveiling of the Memorial Plaque to the 29 victims of the Raid Saturday 11th November 1922 "We must keep their memory  green and revere their names as long as we live"

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