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"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs, is to be ruled by evil men. Plato - (429 - 347 BC)"


1. Detective-Superintendent Frederick Andrew (1863 - 1911) - Sheffield Police 
2. The Life of William Farewell Wardley (1849 - 1941)
3. Darnall Cricket Ground Sheffield and the Great Accident of August 1822
4. John Arnold Shepherd R.A.F 1895 - 1918
5. The Daughter of Amos Brammer - Wadsley Bridge Sheffield
6. The Startling Assertions of the Reverend W. J. Morrison 28th March 1915 - St Peter's Church Abbeydale Sheffield 
7. The Anguish of Clara Ann Bramall - Hillsborough Sheffield 
8. Ellen Cook - The Only Woman In England To Have Survived The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
9. William Clarke Wilkinson (1879 - 1955) - A Life
10.Annie Drinkall - The Last Woman to be Sentenced to Death in Sheffield - November 1955
11.Sidney Whitlam's Medals
12.Joseph Mellor (1904-1929) - The Death of a French Legionaire - Sheffield November 1929
13.Harry Foers - A Schoolteacher from Crookes, Sheffield
14.Ethel Christie and the Sheffield connection to the 10 Rillington Place murders.
15.The Death of Patrick and Beatrice Conroy's child - Sheaf Avenue Sheffield June 1953.
16.Russian Edna's Last Customer - High Hazels Park Tinsley Sheffield March 1954
17.A Sad Case of Domestic Infelicity - Corby Street, Sheffeld - February 1889 
18.The Actions of a Bum-Balliff and the Death of Hugh Saville - Broad Lane, Sheffield 1890 - "A remarkable case of self-destruction."
19. A Tragic Coincidence - The Drowning of William Morriss - River Don, Sheffield 1900
20.Christopher and Louisa Green - Scargill Croft Sheffield 1900
21.The Body of James Brady and the Erection of Sheffield's Public Mortuary - November 1880  - the landlord moved his horses to accommodate the deceased"  
22.The Wesleyan Chapel Princess Street Sheffield
23.Sheffield's Cuban Consul - Carl Wilhelm Widmann (1857 - 1925)
24.The Cater Family of Canal Street, Sheffield 
25.William James Sibbald (1874 - 1920) - Headmaster of Western Road Evening School, Sheffield
26.The Anguish of Henry Bramall - Oughtibridge, Sheffield - March 1886 "(Henry) was perpetually tantalized by his wife"

27.A Family Tragedy - Winifred Frith and her Children September 1924 Sheffield

28.The Melson Family - Sheffield - "Quis tali fundo tempret a lachymie" - Who could look upon this place and not weep" (Anon)
29.The Mysterious Poisoning of Ernest Foster - Crookes, Sheffield May 1896
30.Wharncliffe Hospital 1915 
31.Wards Pub Guide - Sheffield Best Bitter "Naturally the best"
32.Abbey Glen Laundry (1900 - 2010)
33.William Lucas (1881 - 1881) - Allen Street Sheffield - a shocking case of child starvation"
34.James Frith's Letter - July 1916 Sheffield 
35.The Strange Death of Grace Watkins Neepsend Sheffield February 1927
36.A Victim of a Baedeker Raid - John Edward Chambers (1906 - 1942)
37 The Short and Tragic Life of Ernest Tennant - Copper Street, Shalesmoor, Sheffield
38.The Confession of Ernest Bramham - Sheffield March 1945
39.The Living Dead of Montague Street Sheffield 1911 
40.A Workhouse Nurse is Censured Sheffield December 1882
41.John Farr - A Victim of Capitalism - Anlaby Street Sheffield October 1927
42.Sheffield's First Cremation - Eliza Hawley 24th April 1905
43.Shepherd Wheel Whiteley Woods Sheffield
44.Christopher Thomas Jenkinson (1884-1915)
45.Sydney Jackson (1893-1916) 
46.Charles Henry Hattersley (1844-1915) - Yorkshire's Oldest Bellringer
47.John William Castle (1893 - 1922) 
48, The Sheffield Churchyard Murder - January 1961 ""like Jack the Ripper killings in the east end of London in the 1880's"
49.Staff Sergeant William Harris - Pahang State North Malaya - Boxing Day 1956
50 Lily Sentence and her brother Harry - Wallace Road Sheffield 1956

"Thus the sum of things is ever being renewed, and mortals live dependent one upon another. Some races increase, others diminish, and in a short space the generations of living creatures are changed and like runners hand on the torch of life" Lucretius - De Rerum Natura 11. 75

"Our country sinks beneath the yoke, it weeps, it bleeds, and each day a fresh gash is added to her wounds."
William Shakespeare
Macbeth Act 4 Scene 3

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