The following images were taken from an advertising pamphlet that was produced by Wards Brewery (Sheffield) in the early 1980's




The brewery had a long and illustrious history which of course meant nothing to the bankers and financiers that seem intent on reducing Britain to a featureless wasteland. The brewery was closed in 1999 and the buildings demolished apart from a few token structures. In its place a series of bland and unappealing apartment blocks were erected. The closure was prolonged and at times acrimonious, but greed and avarice will always triumph in the end.

The brewery's managed and tied public houses were disposed of in the subsequent sale. It would be interesting to ascertain how many of the former Wards pubs listed above are still open and trading.   

For a fuller history of the brewery and the people who made it, there is an excellent article on this site   


Wards Brewery Pamphlet

The History of Wards Brewery

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