Joseph Bingham of Walkley Sheffield (1863-1917)

For quite a number of years I have been a Friend of Walkley Cemetery Sheffield. It is only a couple of miles from my house and quite a few of my paternal ancestors are buried there. In fact there is very little doubt that some of them may have been acquainted with Mr. Joseph Bingham  through his work at the church or through his occupation as a monumental mason. His business was at the gates to the cemetery on Nichol Road and many of the memorials in the cemetery are a testament to his skills and industry.  

This is Joseph's family in the 1901 Census

and ten years later in 1911 they have moved to nearby Waller Road

16 Rangeley Road Walkley, Sheffield - the house where Joseph died on 8th November 1917

Sheffield Daily Telegraph dated 12th November 1917


Deep regret has been caused at Walkley by the death, after a very short illness, of Mr, Joseph Bingham, of Rangeley Road, one of the best known and most respected residents. Mr. Bingham was sidesman of St. Mary’s Church, Walkley, where he and his family have been worshippers for many years. Ho combined with his business as monumental mason the post superintendent sexton of Walkley Cemetery. lie leaves a widow, two daughters, and two sons. One son is in the Army and the other in the Navy. The interment will take place at Walkley Cemetery tomorrow, preceded by service at Walkley Church.

This is his burial record 

BINGHAM, Joseph (~, age 54). Died at 16 Rangeley Rd; Buried on November 13, 1917 in ~ ground; Grave Number 2, Section E of Walkley Cemetery Cemetery, Nichols Rd.

He was joined by his wife nearly 20 years later.

BINGHAM, Frances (~, age 78). Died at 50 Bingham Park Cres; Buried on May 15, 1937 in ~ ground; Grave Number 2, Section E of Walkley Cemetery Cemetery, Nichols Rd.

Probate was awarded to his widow Sarah to the effect of just over £445GBP which is about £21600 in todays money


Sheffield Daily Telegraph dated 12th November 1917

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