The Hearts of Oak, Dronfield Woodhouse Sheffield (1936-2015)

As is often the case with articles on this site, I came across this feature whilst researching the death of a woman PC in Sheffield in May 1936. Needless to say her death has nothing at all to do with The Hearts of Oak in Dronfield Woodhouse but this feature brought back a few memories from my increasingly distant past. I never used the pub a lot myself preferring instead to go Holmesfield where there were more pubs, and better beer. But my grandfather certainly did use the pub when he moved to Bradway after the war. It became his local for many years until he moved to Greenhill in the mid 1960's.

This is a feature from the Sheffield Telegraph Saturday May23rd 1936

The last time I past the pub it had been given (another) revamp as well as a new name The Hearty Oak. This was  a few years back. 

When I came across this feature from 1936 I did check on it's current status, and was not surprised to find out that the building is awaiting the services of a demolition contractor. 


Sheffield Telegraph Saturday May23rd 1936

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