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Name: Alison Lloyd
City: London
Sent: 19/11 2004 19:23

I found you via a google search for my great-grandfather, Charles Hall, who was the self same murderer from Longley Crescent. I have some more information to share if anyone's interested, but would also like to know more of the man and his case, should anyone be willing to tell. My mum's maiden name was Hall, she remembers visiting the house as a child. She attended Abbeydale Girls' Grammar school in the 1940s, when there were red squirrels in the grounds.

Name: Richard Meredith
City: Wales
Sent: 14/12 2004 15:18

Excellent website - you've done a tremendous job. I did notice that I got a mention (thank you) but the link brings up an e.mail for where as my address is this... Also, just wanted to point out that both Ruth and Margaret got their info from me originally and both expanded the criminal elements after I had supplied the original data (and what a good job they did). My mother is also a descendant of the Lewis' and I was the local historian for the area which is partly how I came to not only follow her line but almost all the families in the district....lots > of Lewis descendants still in the vicinity today... Great site!  Rich

Name: Sandra Hanna
City: Selby N.Yorks
Sent: 06/01 2005 17:34

Dear Chris I tried to email this thro but it wasn't accepted so here is the info that I have on the Hemsworths in Hull so far My great great grandfather was Charles Hemsworth born in Gainsborough c.1824-27. He was a leather currier in all the census and his dob more or less fits. The birth places of him, his wife and children all tally His wife Elizabeth does not appear in the 1871 census when he was living in Hull with 5 children: Eliza 19, Maria 14, Charles and Harriet 12, John 11. In the 1881 census he was living at 12 Owing Square Sculcoates and his family line-up is different. Elizabeth his wife features born c1835. Eliza the eldest daughter had married my grandfather George Gibbins. There is a son Charles born c1881 in Surrey, a son George born c 1878 in Hull John 21 born c1860 Matilda born c1859 and Robert born c1867 in Lincoln. In the 1891 census the same Charles Hemsworth was 64, Elizabeth 56, son Robert 24 and son George 13. They were still living at 12 Owing Square. He was a currier In the 1901 census the only members I recognise are Charles 74, George 23 and accountants clerk and John 41 a white smith. They were living in Sculcoates area of Hull but I did not see the original entry for the census I have not been able to find the his date of birth, the maiden name of his wife, the date of their marriage or the dates of their deaths. Any information gratefully received Best wishes Sandra Hanna

John A Cuckson
City: Durham
Sent: 12/01 2005 17:10

As an ex pupil of Nether Edge Grammar (1947 to 1949) I found your school information fascinating... I had to leave at the end of my third year, and transferred to Doncaster Grammar. My memories of Nether Edge are good ones. Perhaps I was lucky, but I have no negative memories. I left there with a very good knowledge background, and was able to fit in well with the curriculum at the somewhat more upmarket Doncaster Grammar. Enough of that... I was looking for the NEGS Site when I came across yours. It seems to have disappeared! Can you point me in the right direction please? I have 13 photos relating to Nether Edge in 1947, 1948 and 1949. Some of them relate to Whit 1948 and Whit 1949 holidays at Howstrake Hoilday Camp, IOM - including photos of self (John A Cuckson), Snowling, Herbert, Bedford, Roger Harvey Linstead, and others I cannot now identify... If you have any interest in them yourself you would be very welcome to contact me to sort things out. That applies to any of your readers as well...

Anne Tissier
City: paris
Sent: 18/01 2005 16:20

Hello, Chris. I love your website. Particularly interesting for me are your informations about the Lewis family. There is just a possibility that we are related. My great-great-great-grandfather Rees Lewis, married to Ann Price were born in Wales about 1800. Would you now something about them ? I sincerely hope to be able to call you "mon cousin".

Name: Kathryn Nixon (nee Dawson)
http://Parkhouse Farm
City: Brompton on Swale, Richmond, North Yorkshire
Sent: 16/02 2005 20:30

I was born at Jessops in 1948 my grandfather Brooke was silversmith and he married Lillian Allen (Absolom and Maria) my father was Philip Dawson a well loved Sheffield lad and my mother was a Wren Doreen Brooke I visit every month if I can to pay my respects to my bereaved. thank you for such wonderful memories

Name: Catherine Mailhac
City: Beighton Sheffield
Sent: 07/03 2005 13:33

Hello, I am working in Beighton on a Community History project and have come across your report on the Beighton Rail Disaster. We have set up a website dedicated to the history of the village, funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund. The idea behind the project is that everyone adds their own memories to the website it and it becomes a very rich, interactive source of memories about life in the village. The site is still in the early stages of development - we will be officially launching it in July. You can see the first phase of it at I wonder if we can help each other out. I know that you are keen to find out more about the accident, and I would like add some some information about the accident to our site. Unfortunately I can't just make a link to your website, we are very limited in the number of external sites we can link to. However, I would be able to add your information to our site -and credit you as the source. We could then make a joint appeal for people to contact us with any memories they have of the incident. We have worked with hundreds of people in the village over the last couple of years so have a lot of contacts here, many who remember the accident. We are also in the middle of carrying out 40 in depth oral history interviews with local people, so i imagine the accident may crop up in the interviews. There are certainly lots of ways in which we can collect more information about the disaster, and some pages on our website would be a great way to get the ball rolling. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes Catherine

Name: Mike Bailey
City: Sawtry, Cambs, United Kingdom
Sent: 08/04 2005 10:48

I would like a decent picture of Dunlop St to include in my amateur attempt at a biography so a link on your site would be marvellous ..just to see what happens. By coincidence I also lived next to a Shutt family in the mid '50s on Milnrow Rd, Parson Cross Estate! Mike Bailey.

Name: gl <>
Sent: 08/04 2005 10:50

HI Thanks for your page "Britain and the world " , so many memories in there for me :-)

Michael Sykes
Sent: 07/05 2005 14:54

Kep up the good work!

Name: Michael Sykes
Sent: 07/05 2005 14:54
Keep up the good work!

Name: Ian Warner
City: Toronto
Sent: 10/05 2005 11:57

I was most interested in reading about actres Helena Pickard. Known as "Pixie" to her friends, she married a family friend Herbert Rothbarth and I got to know her very well in the last years of her life.

Name: Steve Hill
City: Sheffield
Sent: 22/05 2005 23:23

I was brought up in Spring Hill (48). My dad still lives there and my grand parents lived at 52. The names of the families and people you have put on your site are all familiar. Apart from my family (Hill) there are only two others I now recognise. Mr Brady, and the Smith family. All the others have either past away or left.

Name: Paul Keogh
City: West Vancouver, Canada
Sent: 23/05 2005 00:09

Chris: I came across your website while I was researching information on the FA Cup Final of 1912. You may know that yesterday, May 21, 2005, was the first time since 1912 that the final resulted in a goal-less draw after extra time. My Dad, who is still alive, was born in April 1912, one week before the Titanic went down, and I collect historical notes from that time. I think there is an error on your page /1912facupfinal. You state that the match in Sheffield was "the first to go to a rematch since 1902.If you go to, you will see that there were replays in 1911(another goal-less draw)and in 1910. Your note about Glendenning running on to the pitch with one boot on is quite fascinating. Would you mind sharing the source? Regards Paul Keogh

Name: Gerard Canning
Sent: 28/06 2005 15:09

I am investigating a private G.E. Hemsworth (George?) who died 7th August 1915 in Suvla, Gallipoli

Name: Peter Council
City: Sheffield
Sent: 09/08 2005 12:37

Came across the Abbeydale Boys Grammar Website in a moment of browsing for the fun of it. As a classmate of the old 1R, I looked at the photograph but it did not bring back happy memories. I read with interest some of the comments made about the regime with a degree of interest. At least I survived which I know one person who did not. A useless feat I could do was remember the register order of that class and I could place them when I saw the photo. I do not subscribe that schooldays were the happiest days of your life - you may recall I only lasted 2 years there. Interesting to reminisce Peter Council



Name: Ray Moffitt
Sent: 14/09 2005 05:03

A family anecdote is that my maternal great grandmother, Maria Fowler,was related to Sir John Fowler. Information on your webpage shows that she certainly was not a sister. My hope is that she may have been a daughter of Sir John's brother, Henry. My information is that Maria was born about 1834 at Caton, Cumberland and married Anthony Carlisle in Kendal, Westmorland 0n 3 June 1854. Can you provide any help? Yours hopefully, Ray Moffitt

Name: Tony Holmes
City: Wakefield
Sent: 22/10 2005 19:43

I have been researching a razor maker Frank Revitt and found a reference on you site page History of Spring Hill, Crookes, Sheffield Great site and Very useful Most times there is no info this time I found his house :-)

Name: Jim Kitson
City: Sheffield
Sent: 23/10 2005 16:50

My great-grandparents house was demolished in the Sheffield blitz , their name was Cordon and lived on Fell street if memory is right . Do you have any further information . would be much appreciated if you could point me in right direction to find details of their deaths , Thanks Jim

Name: Russell
City: Sheffield
Sent: 25/10 2005 19:27

Hi, I'm looking into the history of the house my grandfather currently lives in. He's lived there for 75 years, the address is No 2 Hawthorn street @ walkley, just off Walkley Bank. He bought the house for 150!!! Could you advise me of any websites or books where I might be able to retrieve pictures or photos from please. Many, Many Thanks for your time.

Name: Chris Hobbs
City: Tasmania, Aus
Sent: 26/10 2005 11:30

Who are you, you have the same last name as myself . . . . and your first name, or your initial starts with C Please reply without haste . . . Tasmania Together 5 Year Review: Have your say :