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"I keep six honest serving-men, (They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who."

"The editor of a Tory paper which died a natural death in Sheffield sometime ago describes that place as "a town where the Whigs are more implacable - the Radicals more seditious - and the Conservatives less spirited than in any town in the West-Riding: and the inhabitants generally are possessed of less energy, less public spirit, less honour, less hospitality and more selfishness than the inhabitants of any town in the kingdom"

A TORY'S SPITE Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Tuesday, July 11, 1843;
A TORY LIBEL The Leeds Mercury (Leeds, England), Saturday, August 19, 1843;

These articles are a continuation of those that appear on the previous page


1.  A Fatal Accident in Sheffield - May 1848 - "a shocking accident which excited much commiseration"
2.  The Anti-Mormon Riot in Sheffield - December 1884 - "Jarman, shouted opprobrious epithets at him, the crowd hooted, and a sturdy attempt     was made to carry the platform."
3.  The Many Suicides of Reginald Hookes - Bow Street Police Court London April 1937. "It seems I am a complete failure.."
4.  Oakes Water Tower - Norton, Sheffield
5.  Sheffield Sunday 15th May1966 - "It was just a pity we didn’t have the old tin pot . ."
6.  A Fever Den in Crookesmoor, Sheffield - January 1871 - "he should not have been surprised if half the people had been carried off"
7.  The Garrotting of Charles Henry Mort - Scotland Street, Sheffield
8.  Job Denton - The Greystones Rustler - Sheffield 1837 - 1840
9.  Ernest Brownhill (1893 - 1918) - 55 Squadron
10.Distress and deprivation in Sheffield - Xmas 1878 - "Hundreds are living in houses stripped of furniture, without fire, and are dependent upon  the generosity of the neighbours".
11.Walked to Death - Sheffield Children's Terrible Fate

12.If The Invader Comes What To Do - And How To Do It - Sheffield June 1940 - "..Think always of your country before you think of yourself"

13.The Tragic Death of Olivia Spooner - Walkley, Sheffield 1858   "(Olivia) sank under the influences of cold and want of nourishment. The body was found shockingly emaciated, and the house most desolate and filthy"
14.The Deaths of James Shaw & Mary Wagstaffe - Loxley, Sheffield May 1881
15.The Royal Visit to Sheffield - 21st Ocober 1937 - "...(Their Majesties) passed through the trim and pleasant Shiregreen housing estate"
16.The Untimely Death of George Gee - Sheffield December 1873
17.Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield - The War Dead
18.The Sheffield Boer War Memorial - Weston Park, Sheffield 
19.Reginald George Collins died Sheffield 12 - 13th December 1940
20.Ralph Woolass Skelton (1917 - 1942) - "Nobis Meminisse Relictum"
21.The Hanging of Thomas Williams - August 1837 - “Let me warn you all of the demon drink!”
22.Sheffield's World Cup - July 1966
23.The Strange Death of Arthur Allen - Sheffield 22nd November 1866
24.The Case of Setting Fire to a Wife in Sheffield - "Let the old _______ Burn to death"
25.Sheffield's First Probationer - John Blackburn - Was John saved from a career of crime by this act of "well -timed mercy"?.
26.The Tragic Deaths of William Cullingworth - Sheffield
27. The Murder of Nurse Bradley, Middlewood, Sheffield - April 1923 - "Thank you, but I was guilty and sane."
28. The Public Execution in York of John Hoyland - The Last Person From Sheffield To Be Hung "For a Crime We Cannot Name"
29. The Excruciating Death of Frank Levick - Sheffield 1908
30. The Suggs (Sports) of Sheffield
31. The Unusual Death of Second Lieutenant Rishworth - September 1915
32. The Walkley Riot June 1922 "25 Sheffield policemen fought 400 men at Walkley, and in spite of the long odds, victory went to the police"
33. Death on West Street Sheffield - December 1886  "his visits were indeed more frequent than could be desired by Mr and Mrs Jubb".
34. Mary Ann Haykin (1820 - 1924) "has been a pipe smoker for over seventy years, consuming over two ounces of tobacco a week"
35. Alleged Violence in a Sheffield School - "(Isabella Buckley) whose death is alleged to have been caused by corporal punishment"
36. Panic on Gell Street (Sheffield) - "Terrible accident, Sheffield - children trampled to death"
37. "A Barbarous Father" Alfred Mason - Ranmoor, Sheffield 1891 - "words would be wasted on such a being so utterly depraved and base." 
38. The Execution of Lorraine Lax - Armley Gaol January 1926 for the Murder of Elizabeth Lax
39. The Strange Death of Florence Hargreaves - Sheffield January 1926
40. A Bamboo Bicycle in Walkley, Sheffield-March 1897-"Riding a bamboo is indeed a pleasure which to the riders of steel machines is unknown"
41.Unity Church Crookesmoor Sheffield - (The Choir) sang " I have built thee a house" 
42.The Violent Death of Ann Heggie - Spital Hill Sheffield 1947
43. Professor James William Edington M.D., D.P.H.. Professor Of Bacteriology, University Of Sheffield
44. Who Killed The Bearded Lady - Sheffield October 1883 "(William) obtained celebrity in country fairs as "The Bearded Lady"
45. Death of a Sheffield Rent Collector 1925
46. A New Year Tragedy - Maltravers Crescent, Sheffield December 1945
47. First World War veteran Stanley Clayton (1894 - 2000) "believed to have been Britain's oldest veteran of the Somme"
48. Looting in Sheffield - December 1940 - "More than two whole days have been occupied in dealing with cases of looting which have occurred in  one city (Sheffield)"
There are another collection of articles that have a "Sheffield connection" on the following page
"Sheffield has been. a pioneer in many directions: electricity, gas, and water supplies, transport, and the bacteriological
treatment of sewage. It was in the course of the development of the water supply that one of the worst disasters in its history
took place in 1864"

The Times dated 24th August 1943 - CENTENARY OF SHEFFIELD

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored"

"The man who is not dead still has a chance". LEBANESE PROVERB


FROM Rhys Whatmore - There are two or three posts about Sheffield on my family history blog  which you may find of interest. The one about Attercliffe by my cousin Dougie Dyson is well worth reading.  The one about the 'Lost Inheritance' should also be of interest. There is also one called 'The Whatmore Family of Sheffield'

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